Howdy Neighbors!

There continues to be confusion and outrage about the ambiguous ballot language in the upcoming November 6th annexation proposition.

HAA recently met with representatives from Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), the City of San Antonio (COSA), Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) and Bexar County to address our concerns about 1) what exactly does JBSA need to implement, in our area, to protect Camp Bullis and 2) the ballot language. The following is the outcome after a lengthy discussion....

Camp Bullis Protection:  While JBSA and COSA still believe that annexation is the solution to the lighting and density (development) situation, fortunately for us, the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) does not require it.  However, Section 43.0117 goes into effect because we are within the 5 mile buffer of Camp Bullis.  This part of the new law provides "the municipality with the authority to adopt and enforce an ordinance regulating the land use in the area in the manner recommended by the most recent joint land use study."

As an example, if you plan to "redevelop" your property, you may be subjected to a permit fee as outlined in the JLUS.   There are very few fees that the JLUS defines....most of us will barely feel the pain, if at all. It's still much better than being annexed! However, we do need to continue to be watchdogs on what COSA is up to..stay involved, ask questions and support strong County leadership.

Ballot Language:  COSA presented revised language that was marginally better than the original language.  We recommended changes to better balance the appearance of fees and fines.  It turns out they listened.  Shortly after our meeting, COSA published new language that was better, but still not what we would've preferred.  While most of us agree that both ballot Options are bad, OPTION 2 is the only way to avoid Annexation.  VOTE OPTION 2 on November 6.

What can we do?

  • Get the word out to your friends and neighbors!   VOTE OPTION 2 on Nov. 6!
  • Please make a donation....anything will help.  (FACT:  To date, we have received donations for this effort from approximately 0.005% of our total annexation area population.  COSA is spending $250,000 on this election process.  Please help us compete with that!)
  • Donate here: 
  • Attend the public hearing at Leon Springs Baptist Church on Boerne Stage Rd. on September 27. (Yard signs, T-shirts will be available)
  • Attend the public hearing at Aue Elementary on Oct 2.  
  • Continue to be patriots and support our military.  If you see violations of the Dark Skies Initiatives or Density Limits that JBSA needs to be successful, speak up and contact the authorities.
  • Continue to get updates at
  • Did we mention donations?! 

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart
President, Homeowners Against Annexation