Update from HAA - 9/19/2019 2PM COSA City Council Public Hearing

September 19th - 2PM
COSA City Council Public Hearing

The residents within the 5 mile radius of Camp Bullis should have received a notice about the above meeting and a map of Camp Bullis Land Use Controls:

The Good News:

  • Because SB6 Passed – ALL Texas Residents faced with annexation have the right to continue voting against annexation and the new city property taxes that go along with it. San Antonio cannot annex an area unless residents of that area vote to be annexed.
  • The majority of the 5 mile radius has already been developed. Since the land use controls apply for “new” construction, the homeowners will not be affected unless they plan new construction. 
Plan of Action:

  • If you are able to attend the 9/19/19 COSA City Council Meeting, please attend. Physical numbers of people in attendance leave a lasting impression. Wear your Homeowners Against Annexation tee shirt. Let them know we’re still here and we will continue to work together as a community to protect our property rights. We got a Texas law passed. There is strength in numbers.
  • If you cannot attend, please complete and submit the response form on the bottom of your meeting announcement or the attachment below to John Osten, Case Manager by 4:00PM on Wednesday, September 18th.
    • By mail – COSA Development Services Department – P.O.Box 839966 – San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
    • By email – complete and scan to
    • HAA’s position is (X) In Opposition 
Finally, Stay Positive but always on our Guard:

  • We will continue the fight to protect our property rights while supporting the military much better than the COSA.
  • We don’t want to become The Rim.
  • We like our trees, dark skies and low density construction, ie. more rural way of life.
  • The only part of the most recent JLUS study that applies to the I10 West area is the light pollution concern. All of Bexar County is already covered by the Bexar County Dark Skies ordinance which is identical to the San Antonio Dark Skies ordinance. 

Homeowners Against Annexation

(click on form below to see printable version)

Call to Action Update

Thanks so all who have called Representative Kuempel's office about SB422!  Senator Campbell's office says we've made enough phone calls for now, so we will wait and keep you posted on the outcome.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Call To Action - SB422

Neighbors, we thought we had lost Senate Bill 422 which would prevent San Antonio from charging fees and fines to those (us!) outside their city limits. But Senator Campbell has amended SB 422 to House Bill 3750.

If you want to help get this bill over the finish line, CALL REP JOHN KUEMPEL'S OFFICE, 512-463-0602 right away! Ask him to please concur with the Senate's amendments on HB 3750. This legislative session ends Sunday.