Public Hearings for Land Use Regulations

By now, all property owners within five miles of the boundary of the Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley Military Bases in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of San Antonio (CoSA) should have received a notice in the mail of upcoming hearings regarding the new land use regulations, fees, and fines that CoSA wants to levy on the area.  They will be holding three commission meetings as well as holding an online survey.  We need to make our voices heard!!

Dates are on the HAA calendar on our website and listed below:

Zoning Commission Meeting
Tuesday, May 21st - 1:00 PM
1901 South Alamo Street - Board Room

Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday, May 22nd - 2:00 PM
1901 South Alamo Street - Board Room

City Council Meeting
Thursday, June 20th - 2:00 PM
114 West Commerce Street

A copy of the notice is attached below.  Use the form on the first page to submit comments or call/email them to the Case Manager John Osten at 210-207-2197 or  You can also use the online survey form at

House Bill 347 Update

Thanks to all of your hard work and persistence, HB 347 passed the Senate today!!! One (minor) amendment was added, which means it'll go over to the House for them to concur or go to conference. I highly expect them to concur at which point it'll then go to the Governor's desk and presumably be signed into law. HUGE win for freedom!!

Barbara Green, HAA Board

House Bill 347 - Phone Calls Needed!

House Bill 347 is jammed up. This is the bill that, if it passes, will give all Texans the right to vote on their own annexation.  People from all over Texas fought for our right two years ago and with everybody's help, we won! Now we can help everyone have the same right.

Right now, the bill has gotten through the House but it needs one more bipartisan vote to bring it to the floor of the Senate for debate. Just one more!

If you have 10 minutes, see below for the list of senators and their phone numbers. Give them a call and ask them to do the right thing, to give Texans control over their own lives.  Ask them to support House Bill 347!  (Clicking on their name will take you to their contact page where you can email them and possibly get their local office number.)

Senator Menendez 512-463-0126
Senator Powell 512-463-0110
Senator Rodriguez 512-463-0129
Senator Seliger 512-463-0131
Senator Lucio 512-463-0127
Senator Alvarado 512-463-0106
Senator Hinojosa 512-463-0120
Senator Johnson 512-463-0116
Senator Miles 512-463-0113
Senator Whitmire 512-463-0115
Senator Watson 512-463-0114
Senator West 512-463-0123
Senator Zaffirini 512-463-0121