NO Annexation Landslide!

With all votes counted, we are pleased with the election results for the annexation proposition.  We still have much work to do to make sure the City of San Antonio does not over step their authority.

I know the community supports our Military mission 110% and I encourage everyone to get involved to insure the big City bureaucrats in San Antonio don’t screw up our part of the County. 

A big thank you to all the people who fought tirelessly to gain the right to vote.  Thank you to all those that came out and voted!

If you have signs and banners out, please collect them and dispose of them responsibly.

Mike Stewart
President, Homeowners Against Annexation

HAA Newsletter: The TX Supreme Court Let Us Down...But We'll Win at the Polls!

The Texas Supreme Court has denied our petition to ask the City of San Antonio to clarify the confusing and vague ballot language on the Annexation-Proposition A.  It is troubling to know that questionable actions by our municipalities continue to occur.  Sadly, litigation seems to be the only method we have to fight the injustices that we face on the San Antonio Annexation proposition this midterm election.  When we don’t succeed, we must stay motivated and determined and we must keep fighting!

A heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who contributed to the lawsuit.  This has been a testament to the strength of our grassroots efforts to keep big government in check. We must seek out leaders who value the ideals of our Constitutional Republic.  We should all be proud of our efforts!

As a reminder of how government entities run amok or lead us astray….
  • Fair Oaks Ranch forcibly annexes more than 10% of their land area the day before the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act goes into effect.  A clear violation of Texas Local Government Code.

  • City of San Antonio asks residents outside of their electorate to choose between fees, fines and other charges AND fees, fines and other charges on the ballot.  If this is not a violation of the Title 5, Chapter 52 of the Texas Election Code, then it was written to be intentionally ambiguous.

  • The letter that the City of San Antonio sent to all registered voters in the annexation areas stated:  "Leaving the ballot blank or voting for both Option 1 and 2 will result in authorization of Option 2."  The Texas Attorney General has concluded in his Opinion (KP-0221): Election Code section 65.009 provides that a vote for a measure shall be counted if the voter's intent is clearly ascertainable. The City's plan to count ballots voting for both propositions or left blank as a vote in favor of Option 2 is contrary to this provision because such ballots do not indicate a clearly ascertainable intent for Option 2. 

Let’s remember that it hasn’t been that long ago (2017) that we fought for and won the right to vote for or against Annexation!  ** Vote NO Annexation - Option 2**.  Next, we focus on the upcoming legislative session to strengthen the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act which will strengthen our rights.

Let’s celebrate a “No Annexation” victory at La Hacienda Scenic Loop on November 6 between 6pm - 10:30pm.  If you mention “HAA” or “Homeowners Against Annexation” when you order your food, they will donate to our cause. You can either just show up for dinner or RSVP at:

Michael "Mike" P. Stewart,
President, Homeowners Against Annexation

REMINDER: RSVP for the HAA Election Night Celebration!

HAA invites you to celebrate the Election Night results with us on Tuesday, November 6th from 6p to 10:30p or so at La Hacienda Scenic Loop.  Please RSVP using the form below or go to our website so we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect.

And if you mention HAA when you order your food Tuesday night, 5% of your food bill will be donated to HAA!