Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA) Newsletter February 24, 2017

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Saturday, March 4, 2017
Leon Springs Baptist Church
24133 Boerne Stage Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78255

We would like to be at least 500 strong for the Rally on March 4, 2017.  We need to show Texas that we are a force for change.  And that change is passing legislation that will give us property owners the right to vote on the annexation process.  We are proud to announce that Rep. Lyle Larson and Senator Campbell will be at this Rally to answer questions we have about the Bills they authored, HB299 and SB715 respectively.  We have to show them that we really care about these Bills.

Rep. Larson and Sen. Campbell will explain why there are various annexation Bills being authored and how the Bill process works.  They are anxious to visit with us and get the support they need to pass their Bills.  We will also have Rafael Bejar from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, who is a fierce defender of liberty and personal responsibility.

This Rally will be a great opportunity to stop by, listen to speakers, ask questions, get answers and sign as many letters as we can.  Refreshments will be provided.  Signs will be going up around the area spurring interest in the Rally. 

The Boerne Star has reached out to Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA) to find out what has been happening regarding the annexation efforts by the City of San Antonio (COSA) and what we're doing about it.  The article is on the front page of the Friday, Feb 23, 2017 edition.

Letters can also be printed, signed and sent from

Update - Feb 24, 2017 - Homeowners Against Annexation

No matter what side of politics you're on, there is reason to be hopeful for our annexation cause. Conservative messages are in vogue and activism is high. In recent years, two states have voted to end the long-standing reign of terror of forced annexation.... North Carolina in 2012 ( and Tennessee in 2014 ( Will Texas be next in 2017?

 On a trip to Austin yesterday we spoke with several Land and Resource Mgmt committee members who showed much interest in the House and Senate Bills being introduced that allow property owners to vote. All the committee members/staff urged all Texas citizens to write to their representatives in support of these bills. They are listening. If we can help get these Bills passed, our annexation worries will [most certainly] be over. Let's continue to fight until that happens.

Join the Rally on March 4 and let's show Texas we are serious!!! We are Strength in Numbers!

Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA) Newsletter February 17, 2017

Friends and Neighbors,

Neighborhood Captains from the I10W area subdivisions are busy at work in their respective neighborhoods providing information and generating interest in fighting annexation.  House Bill 299 and Senate Bill 715 have been introduced and it is time to engage our State Representatives and the Committee members in Austin to express our profound desire for passing those Bills.

A “Fight Annexation” Rally will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017; 2:00-5:00 at Leon Springs Baptist Church, 24133 Boerne Stage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255.  Please come and listen to legislators who have very optimistic and supportive things to say about the Bills in legislation.  The Rally will provide the “letters to your representatives”...pick a sample letter, sign it, stuff it in an envelope and HAA will mail it.

James Quintero from Texas Public Policy Foundation  and James Booker from Americans for Prosperity are independent organizations that are providing great support for our efforts to fight annexation.  They agree that there is significant momentum for this “right to vote” legislation and that legislators must receive letters from ALL homeowners expressing their opposition to annexation and demanding the right to vote on the issue of annexation.  

The HAA will be requesting your help in the following areas:
  • Transportation - help plan and arrange trip to Austin during committee hearings
  • Phone Bank - phone method of reaching out to residents and patching them to a legislator's office for expressing their opinions.
  • Diligent Oversight - in the event the Bills do not pass, helping with the needed research of facts to make our case with COSA for the next step.

If you are lacking for information about these issues, please contact and someone will respond to help you get involved or go to

Thanks and hope to see you all at the Rally,

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart

President, Homeowners Against Annexation

Campbell's Anti-annexation Legislation SB715


Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas  – State Senator Donna Campbell filed Senate Bill 715 on Thursday, also known as the Texas Annexation Reform Act. The bill protects property owners from involuntary annexation and proposes needed reforms to the municipal annexation process in Texas. SB 715 is joint authored by Senators Birdwell, Bettencourt, Creighton, Schwertner, and Buckingham.
“It is simply wrong to force citizens who live outside the jurisdiction of a city to be absorbed as an exercise in government expansion designed to increase a city’s tax base,” Senator Campbell stated. “The Texas Annexation Reform Act protects property owners from forced annexation and gives residents a greater say in what should be a more collaborative process.”
The Texas Annexation Reform Act makes the municipal annexation process more democratic by requiring the consent of the majority of registered voters in a proposed area for annexation and promoting greater communication between cities and residents to emphasize full stakeholder involvement. It also streamlines the process for land owners requesting to be annexed, cutting costs and eliminating bureaucratic red tape.
Key provisions of SB 715 include:
  • Ends involuntary annexation so that residents living in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of a city have a greater say in the annexation process.
  • Requires consent of the majority of property owners –  by petition if the population is under 200 or by an election if the population is over 200 – in order for a city or municipality to have the authority to annex the area.
  • Streamlines the voluntary annexation process to a matter of weeks when owners and municipalities can agree in writing on the provision of services.
  • Repeals limited purpose annexation, whereby regulations are imposed on residents of the ETJ without representation and without receiving any city services.
“Under current law, some cities are annexing areas simply to boost their tax base while ignoring poorer areas in desperate need of services. Other areas are annexed for limited purposes, meaning residents must adhere to ordinances and regulations despite living outside the city and having no elected representation. This bill prevents such abuses of power,” said Sen. Campbell.

Letter from HAA President

Homeowners Against Annexation Newsletter
February 3, 2017

The City of San Antonio (COSA) voted on September 8, 2016 to begin a 3 year full purpose annexation process of our unincorporated area of Bexar County (I10W) into the San Antonio City limits, despite a very passionate opposition by thousands of homeowners. After this action was taken, many rose up in protest and thus, organized the Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA). HAA has been busy organizing a unified fight against annexation. The strategy for that fight is as follows:

  1. Work to reform the State Law to give us the right to vote on annexation.
  2. Active Engagement and Diligent Oversight with the City.
  3. Litigation – in the event the State Legislation fails, we have several avenues to pursue in court.
  4. Disannexation – if the City is not able to provide the required services according to their service plan, State Law prescribes a process for the affected area to be disannexed.

The first order of business will be to mobilize efforts in support of Texas House (HB299) and Senate (SB715) Bills that have been introduced in the Texas State Legislature., 85th session, 2017. The Bills will allow property owners the right to vote for or against annexation. There has been constant communication with Rep. Lyle Larson, Senator Donna Campbell and others to ensure that their Bills are accurate and will get through the legislative process. All efforts at this time should concentrate on getting these Bills passed with everyone's assistance.

Please contact if you would like to take on the role of Neighborhood Captain who can help mobilize your neighbors by giving them the information they need to help with the fight. Anyone with a willingness to help is encouraged to join in. Also, please consider helping if you have public relations, litigation and/or lobbying skills.

The HAA website is now available with pertinent information The website includes FAQs, links to the State Bills, calendar of events (events TBD), a Donate button as well as sample protest letters and the appropriate State contacts to whom you can send your letters. You can also subscribe for updates. To make an immediate impact, start sending your Representatives and Senators protest letters and call them often. Donations will be used for trips to Austin for committee hearings on pending legislation, future rallies, website maintenance and other expenses related to the fight against annexation. Remember....We're all in this together!

Get the Facts and Get Involved.  Go to to subscribe for updates.

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart

President, Homeowners Against Annexation