The Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act Update: ALL HANDS ON DECK!!

Senator Campbell’s bill SB6 passed the Senate on Wednesday! 

That means it will be on its way to the House Land and Resource committee for a hearing, most likely next week. 

NOW is the time to call and email the House Land and Resource Management committee. You can email a prewritten letter or copy in your own with one-click at 

We also encourage you to have your friends and relatives in other parts of Texas to do the same. We want them to know Texans everywhere are interested. Remember, it is a Texas problem! 

And the final step is to prepare to attend this hearing. We expect it to be next week in Austin at a day and time that is yet to be determined. We will plan to carpool or take a bus from the Walmart in Leon Springs. 

Our Legislators have a strategy to get the Senate Bill through the House with minimal changes and thus reduce the risk of the shenanigans we saw in the regular session. 

We urge everyone to start sending your emails and clearing your calendar for a trip to Austin. Let’s end the tyranny of forced municipal annexation in Texas!

Get Annexation Reform Bill HB6 through Committee!

We need everyone to call Chairman Herrero's office to ask him to schedule a hearing for HB6, the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act. 

Chairman Abel Herrero, Land and Resource Management Committee 
(512) 463-0462 

HB6 (companion bill to SB6) has been referred to the Texas House Land and Resource Management Committee. Representative Herrero has full authority to schedule the hearing and needs a little encouragement. 

Please call him, be courteous and respectful but tell him, We the People, want a hearing for HB6, the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act! 

Then you can start emailing the Land and Resource Management Committee! Click here to send them your support for HB6, the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act!

Support annexation reform by moving SB6, The Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act, to the Senate floor for passage!

Now is the time! Grab your neighbors! Make your voice heard. SB6, The Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act, will be heard in the Texas Senate Affairs THIS Sunday, July 23 at 1PM. 

We will be leaving from the Walmart parking lot in Leon Springs so meet there at 10AM to coordinate carpools. There were no buses available. 

Come to testify to the Texas Senate Affairs Committee or just show your support for the right to vote on who governs us.

We also need to send letters to the committee members. Click here to send a letter with one easy click! 

Please email or message me with any questions: 

If you need transportation, let us know and we will get everyone there!

Are you skeptical when the government uses the word unilateral?

Are you skeptical when the government uses the word unilateral? 

I sure am...following testimony to a Texas Senate committee during the regular Legislative Session “The decision made by the Senate committee was very much a response to the people who came and testified there,” Jeff Coyle, Director, Government & Public Affairs for the City of San Antonio told the Rivard Report, referring to the dozens of property owners who testified at the hearing. “We think it is an overreaction to rewrite the law just because a group of people aren’t happy about the decision that was made. We still believe that cities need to have the authority to annex unilaterally and we will continue to make that case.” 

That appears to be counter to what 10 year-old Riley Stewart reminded us of when she testified in front of House and Senate committees "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." She simply grounded us in the words from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. 

Do you support unilateral action by the government on anything?

Texas Senator Menendez Filibustered Against Your Right to Vote!

Remember the Texas Senator who filibustered and killed your right to vote? Senator Menendez is holding a town hall on the 85th Legislature. I would encourage everyone to attend and ask him why he filibustered the will of the people. Be prepared for him to say “the Generals said we had to stop this legislation” and you can answer with any of the following: 

• If the City is so keen to protect Camp Bullis. Why did the area on the east side a Camp Bullis get a special deal that delays annexation for 17 years? 

• Why is the densest development around Camp Bullis on the southside of the post ALL within the City? 

• Why now? Camp Bullis has been adjacent to the City for many years and most of the development in the I10 West area has already taken place. 

Here is the information for the event this Saturday: 

Texas Senator Menendez Community Briefing
Saturday, July 8 10-11:30am 
VIA Boardroom 
1021 San Pedro Ave 
San Antonio, TX

Event is also listed on the website & HAA calendar.

Get out the Word!

We need your help to get out the word about the City of San Antonio's plan to fast-track the annexation of part of the I-10 corridor!

First, we need volunteers to pass out flyers at the fireworks stands along the I-10 West corridor to let customers know that this is THE END OF FIREWORKS unless we stand up to the City Council and stop the annexation!  The flyer is meant to be printed double-sided and cut in half to make two flyers on each page.  (If you cannot print double-sided, just hand out the single sheets - that works as well.)  We have permission to pass out flyers at the Mr. W stands, but feel free to ask at the other fireworks stands to get permission to pass out flyers there as well.  Anytime you can be there today or tomorrow, please just head out there with a stack of flyers and spread the word!

Secondly, we need to inform all of the business owners in the proposed annexation area to let them know what is happening.  The City of San Antonio has NOT sent them notices yet, so we need to get them informed and protesting as quickly as possible!  Please print out the attached flyer and bring them to all of the business located in the red areas on the map on the flyer to let them know that they will soon be subject so City of San Antonio regulations and taxes!

We can't let the City of San Antonio think they can get away with this annexation!  Let's rally our friends and neighbors to stand up for our property rights!

Fireworks Stand Flyer