Update from HAA - 9/19/2019 2PM COSA City Council Public Hearing

September 19th - 2PM
COSA City Council Public Hearing

The residents within the 5 mile radius of Camp Bullis should have received a notice about the above meeting and a map of Camp Bullis Land Use Controls:

The Good News:

  • Because SB6 Passed – ALL Texas Residents faced with annexation have the right to continue voting against annexation and the new city property taxes that go along with it. San Antonio cannot annex an area unless residents of that area vote to be annexed.
  • The majority of the 5 mile radius has already been developed. Since the land use controls apply for “new” construction, the homeowners will not be affected unless they plan new construction. 
Plan of Action:

  • If you are able to attend the 9/19/19 COSA City Council Meeting, please attend. Physical numbers of people in attendance leave a lasting impression. Wear your Homeowners Against Annexation tee shirt. Let them know we’re still here and we will continue to work together as a community to protect our property rights. We got a Texas law passed. There is strength in numbers.
  • If you cannot attend, please complete and submit the response form on the bottom of your meeting announcement or the attachment below to John Osten, Case Manager by 4:00PM on Wednesday, September 18th.
    • By mail – COSA Development Services Department – P.O.Box 839966 – San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
    • By email – complete and scan to
    • HAA’s position is (X) In Opposition 
Finally, Stay Positive but always on our Guard:

  • We will continue the fight to protect our property rights while supporting the military much better than the COSA.
  • We don’t want to become The Rim.
  • We like our trees, dark skies and low density construction, ie. more rural way of life.
  • The only part of the most recent JLUS study that applies to the I10 West area is the light pollution concern. All of Bexar County is already covered by the Bexar County Dark Skies ordinance which is identical to the San Antonio Dark Skies ordinance. 

Homeowners Against Annexation

(click on form below to see printable version)

Call to Action Update

Thanks so all who have called Representative Kuempel's office about SB422!  Senator Campbell's office says we've made enough phone calls for now, so we will wait and keep you posted on the outcome.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Call To Action - SB422

Neighbors, we thought we had lost Senate Bill 422 which would prevent San Antonio from charging fees and fines to those (us!) outside their city limits. But Senator Campbell has amended SB 422 to House Bill 3750.

If you want to help get this bill over the finish line, CALL REP JOHN KUEMPEL'S OFFICE, 512-463-0602 right away! Ask him to please concur with the Senate's amendments on HB 3750. This legislative session ends Sunday.

Public Hearings for Land Use Regulations

By now, all property owners within five miles of the boundary of the Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley Military Bases in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of San Antonio (CoSA) should have received a notice in the mail of upcoming hearings regarding the new land use regulations, fees, and fines that CoSA wants to levy on the area.  They will be holding three commission meetings as well as holding an online survey.  We need to make our voices heard!!

Dates are on the HAA calendar on our website and listed below:

Zoning Commission Meeting
Tuesday, May 21st - 1:00 PM
1901 South Alamo Street - Board Room

Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday, May 22nd - 2:00 PM
1901 South Alamo Street - Board Room

City Council Meeting
Thursday, June 20th - 2:00 PM
114 West Commerce Street

A copy of the notice is attached below.  Use the form on the first page to submit comments or call/email them to the Case Manager John Osten at 210-207-2197 or  You can also use the online survey form at

House Bill 347 Update

Thanks to all of your hard work and persistence, HB 347 passed the Senate today!!! One (minor) amendment was added, which means it'll go over to the House for them to concur or go to conference. I highly expect them to concur at which point it'll then go to the Governor's desk and presumably be signed into law. HUGE win for freedom!!

Barbara Green, HAA Board

House Bill 347 - Phone Calls Needed!

House Bill 347 is jammed up. This is the bill that, if it passes, will give all Texans the right to vote on their own annexation.  People from all over Texas fought for our right two years ago and with everybody's help, we won! Now we can help everyone have the same right.

Right now, the bill has gotten through the House but it needs one more bipartisan vote to bring it to the floor of the Senate for debate. Just one more!

If you have 10 minutes, see below for the list of senators and their phone numbers. Give them a call and ask them to do the right thing, to give Texans control over their own lives.  Ask them to support House Bill 347!  (Clicking on their name will take you to their contact page where you can email them and possibly get their local office number.)

Senator Menendez 512-463-0126
Senator Powell 512-463-0110
Senator Rodriguez 512-463-0129
Senator Seliger 512-463-0131
Senator Lucio 512-463-0127
Senator Alvarado 512-463-0106
Senator Hinojosa 512-463-0120
Senator Johnson 512-463-0116
Senator Miles 512-463-0113
Senator Whitmire 512-463-0115
Senator Watson 512-463-0114
Senator West 512-463-0123
Senator Zaffirini 512-463-0121

Senate Bill 422 - Our Chance to Speak Out!

Senate Bill 422, relating to the authority of a municipality to impose a fine or fee in certain areas in the municipality's extraterritorial jurisdiction, will have a public hearing in the Land and Resources Committee of the House on Tuesday, May 7th, in room E2.012. The session begins at 8 a.m.  This is your opportunity to testify as to your belief or simply observe our State Government process.

Also helpful would be sending emails or calling the committee members to ask for their support in eliminating the fees and fines in our area.  You can go to for a list of members and additional information on the hearing (click Meetings at the bottom of the page).  The phone numbers for each committee member is as follows, and the link on their name takes you to their bio and contact list:

These Bills Need Your Support!

Hi Neighbors,

Even though we won the right to vote on annexation and then exercised that right by voting last November against annexation  by the City of San Antonio (COSA), the fight against annexation continues.  The following Bills in Congress during this Legislative session require our prompt attention. Please consider contacting the respective Committee members encouraging them to support these Bills which will serve to improve the annexation process.

SB 746 -  requiring cities to wait at least five years before attempting to annex the same property.

  • Status:  Passed in the Senate and has been assigned to the House Land and Resource Management Committee.
  • Action Needed:  Contact Committee members and ask them to vote this Bill out of Committee and send it to the House for a vote.

HB 347 – eliminating the population requirement so that no Texan is annexed without their consent.

  • Status:  Passed in the House.  Currently in the Senate State Affairs Committee
  • Action Needed:  Contact Senate State Affairs Committee members to vote the Bill out of committee and send it to the Senate for a vote.

SB 422 -  promotes the rights of citizens and protects the will of voters by prohibiting municipalities from imposing fines and fees in the ETJ ... where an annexation attempt has failed at the ballot box.

  • Status:  Passed in the Senate, but has been stalled in the House for 2 weeks.
  • Action Needed:  Contact Speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnen (phone nr: 512-463-1000), and request this Bill get a hearing soon.

****The following is not an Annexation Bill but does concern our property taxes****

SB 2 - . For taxing units that collect more than $15 million in property tax levy plus sales tax, SB 2 lowers the 8 percent threshold to 2.5 percent and requires an automatic rollback election if the taxing unit adopts a tax that exceeds the 2.5 percent threshold.

  • Status:  Passed in the Senate and will be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • Action Needed:  Write Committee members and encourage them to pass SB2.


Link to House Ways and Means Committee members:

Link to State Affairs Committee members:

Link to House Land and Resource Management Committee members:

Link to Speaker of the House:

Sandy Fitzpatrick

Legislation Update

Hey, Neighbors! Homeowners Against Annexation has identified 2 bills which, if passed, will greatly benefit our community:

  • Next week the Texas Senate will vote on SB422 which will prevent the city of San Antonio from imposing fees and fines on those of us who live in their ETJ.
  • SB746 will prevent cities from putting annexation on their ballots more often than once every 5 years.

Additionally, SB745 will give all Texans the right to vote on their own annexation regardless of the size of their County.

IMPORTANT: please stand by to raise our Collective voices in support of these bills. Senator Campbell will alert us when the time is right. Contact information will be on the website:

URGENT - New Legislation to Support!

Good morning,

We found out late Friday afternoon SB422 is going to be heard in the Intergovernmental Relations Committee today, April 1st.  Share with your friends and family members.


Scheduled for Intergovernmental Relations Committee Hearing on Monday, April 1st .
Call or send an email from each Senator’s  website to the following committee members Monday morning, April 1st.  Request their support in moving SB422 through committee to the Senate Floor

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.                Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0127
Senator Charles Schwertner      Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0105
Senator Carol Alvarado             Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0106
Senator Donna Campbell          Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0125
Senator Pat Fallon                     Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0130
Senator Jose’ Menendez            Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0126
Senator Robert Nichols             Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0103

Thanks for your assistance.

Homeowners Against Annexation

Land Use Regulations - Make Your Voices Heard!

The City of San Antonio (CoSA) is moving ahead with the adoption of ordinances to regulate and enforce land use and limited permitting in the newly designated Military Protection Area (MPA) that is within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) near Camp Bullis.  The MPA includes any area within five miles of a military base - Camp Bullis, in our case.

All those living within the new MPA should have received the letter posted below notifying us of meetings to be held to "inform citizens about the proposed land-use plan, regulations, and permitting requirements."  It is VITAL that we attend these meetings so we not only understand what the CoSA is trying to do, but also so we can register our opinions and know what/if we need to fight these regulations.

Please take a moment to look through the information in the letter (click HERE or the images below) if you haven't already.  And please plan to attend one or both of the following meetings:

6p to 8p @ Cross Mountain Church - 24891 Boerne Stage Road

6p to 8p @ Cross Mountain Church - 24891 Boerne Stage Road

JBSA Task Force Meeting Notes

Two members of HAA attended the JBSA meeting at the Fair Oaks Ranch administrative building held the morning of February 20th.  The slides presented are linked to below, and here are their notes:

Slides 8 - 19 tell the tale of how the land use regulations, which we will be under, are being developed. It says they had citizen input on the draft regulations, soon to go out for public comment in March, but it was primarily input from citizens from within SA city limits; there wasn’t any overt effort made to engage those of us from the new No Annexation but Land Use Regulations part of the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction). They maintain that will happen with the process starting SOON. Just as with notice of the Annexation Vote, all owners and residents of the area will be receiving letters from CoSA telling us of two dates for the public to react to the draft regulations. The letter will allow us to speak out about the regulations - or more likely will direct us to a webpage where we have to trudge through the draft regulations (including any planned “fees, fines and related charges” associated with these Military Protection Areas).  On slide 19 you will see two dates for such input: March 21 and 28 (in person presentations).  The City Council is set to vote in June on draft and edited regulations. 

Many thanks to Robin Roberts and Sandy Fitzpatrick for representing us at that meeting!