The Fight is Not Over!!

Despite the City Council of San Antonio passing the proposed annexation by a vote of 8 to 2, this is not over!  The HAA Board will be meeting to discuss our options and next steps, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can read about the vote at the San Antonio Express-News (thanks to Joe H. on Nextdoor for the link) and an interesting public policy paper entitled Ending Forced Annexation in Texas (thanks to Kelly R. on Nextdoor for the link).

We need you to stand up!

The time is now!  Thursday, September 8 at 9AM in the City Council Chambers, City Hall Complex, 105 Main Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205, they are going to vote to proceed with full-purpose annexation of our area and increase your property taxes by 23%.  If you don’t stand up now, the City of San Antonio will pass this action because they say only a handful of people oppose the annexation.

Grab your neighbors and organize a carpool to City Council Chambers.  Attached are the email addresses of the City Council members.  You need to write them and tell them to vote no.

If you have signed petitions, you can drop them by my house (there is a wicker basket on the front porch).  We are going to make a scroll of the signed petitions and unroll it at the City Council meeting.

The City Council meeting starts at 9AM but you need to be signed in and through security as early as possible.  Sign in is from 8-9AM and you must be inline by 9AM.  There will likely be a press conference and media before 8AM so get there early.  If you don’t wish to talk, I would encourage you to buddy up with a neighbor that does want to speak.  Each person will only get 2 minutes to talk but you can yield your time to them (up to 8 or 9 minutes).  For those yielding time to someone else, sit with your neighbor and state your name and indicate you wish to yield your time to your neighbor.

We have reserved a bus that will meet at 7:15am at the right side of Walmart (as you are looking at the front).   The bus needs to leave by 7:30am!  Please join us to have your voice heard at the city council vote. WE NEED EVERYONE THERE!!!!! They will only hear us if we have lots of people. Bring your neighbors...the bus ride is FREE! (You can also donation $12 to the cause).

NO ANNEXATION T-Shirts will be available at the bus for $10.

To learn more, please go to the website of Homeowners’ Against Annexation at and visit our blog at

Next Steps – Regardless of the vote, the fight will continue.  We will turn our focus to the State Legislature to reform the legislation to end involuntary annexation.

You may post this on your neighborhood social media sites.

Sincere appreciation

Mike Stewart, President

Homeowners’ Against Annexation

Homeowners Against Annexation

If you type the word "Annexation" into MS Word, 
 then right-click and view the synonyms, you see the words: 
capture, seizure, occupation, takeover, invasion, appropriation and surrender. 

 Nowhere do you see the words 
 beneficial, advantageous, helpful, positive or favorable. 

 That just about sums up what annexation means to the unincorporated areas around San Antonio.

The city council is not initiating annexation for the benefit of the targeted areas. 
 They are initiating the actions because they believe it will be beneficial for the city. 
 It's just about money. 
 The council needs money, and they see easy sources. 

 The end result is taxation without representation. 
 The citizens in the unincorporated areas have no vote. 

 In 1836, the citizens of Texas fought for and gained independence from tyrrany. 
 The battle continues. 

 If you live in an unincorporated area that is in danger of being devoured by San Antonio, join the battle and use this site to get involved and make your voice heard.