If you type the word "Annexation" into MS Word, 
 then right-click and view the synonyms, you see the words: 
capture, seizure, occupation, takeover, invasion, appropriation and surrender. 

 Nowhere do you see the words 
 beneficial, advantageous, helpful, positive or favorable. 

 That just about sums up what annexation means to the unincorporated areas around San Antonio.

The city council is not initiating annexation for the benefit of the targeted areas. 
 They are initiating the actions because they believe it will be beneficial for the city. 
 It's just about money. 
 The council needs money, and they see easy sources. 

 The end result is taxation without representation. 
 The citizens in the unincorporated areas have no vote. 

 In 1836, the citizens of Texas fought for and gained independence from tyrrany. 
 The battle continues. 

 If you live in an unincorporated area that is in danger of being devoured by San Antonio, join the battle and use this site to get involved and make your voice heard.