Howdy neighbors!  Annexation is back in the news.  The City of San Antonio is meeting this week to put the annexation of our area on the November ballot.

We worked hard to pass the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act.  Now we have to get out and vote NO on annexation!  What should you do today?

Homeowners Against Annexation anticipated the City of San Antonio would move forward with annexation and we have been working diligently behind the scenes to stop annexation.  The right to vote on whether you become part of the City of San Antonio and pay an additional 23% in property taxes was won because of YOU!

The efforts of Homeowners Against Annexation, the community and YOU are the key to stopping annexation!

The City of San Antonio City Council meets this Thursday, August 2nd at 9AM.  Come down to City Hall and tell the City Council you intend to vote NO annexation.

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Michael “Mike” P. Stewart

President, Homeowners Against Annexation