Two members of HAA attended the JBSA meeting at the Fair Oaks Ranch administrative building held the morning of February 20th.  The slides presented are linked to below, and here are their notes:

Slides 8 - 19 tell the tale of how the land use regulations, which we will be under, are being developed. It says they had citizen input on the draft regulations, soon to go out for public comment in March, but it was primarily input from citizens from within SA city limits; there wasn’t any overt effort made to engage those of us from the new No Annexation but Land Use Regulations part of the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction). They maintain that will happen with the process starting SOON. Just as with notice of the Annexation Vote, all owners and residents of the area will be receiving letters from CoSA telling us of two dates for the public to react to the draft regulations. The letter will allow us to speak out about the regulations - or more likely will direct us to a webpage where we have to trudge through the draft regulations (including any planned “fees, fines and related charges” associated with these Military Protection Areas).  On slide 19 you will see two dates for such input: March 21 and 28 (in person presentations).  The City Council is set to vote in June on draft and edited regulations. 

Many thanks to Robin Roberts and Sandy Fitzpatrick for representing us at that meeting!