Hello IH10W Residents

SB715 and HB299/HB424 will give Texas homeowners the right to vote on the annexation process. Let’s end forced annexation and restore Texas as the model for liberty!  YOU MUST ACT NOW TO END FORCED ANNEXATION!!!

Status on House Bills HB299 and HB424
Another day in Austin, and many Land and Resource Committee Members are giving mostly positive feedback about moving the Bills through the process. The next step is getting Bills to the Calendars Committee. The best way for that to happen is to have a 7-0 vote by Committee members in support of the Bills. And the best way for that to happen is to continue to email and/or call the Committee Members and strongly urge them to support the Bills.

Status of Senate Bill SB715
SB715 has moved to the Intent Calendar and will likely go to the Floor for a vote next week. It is crucial that we all email and/or call the Senators this week .  They need to hear from us and know that we support SB715.  

Opposition from COSA
The City of San Antonio (COSA) is still working hard to oppose the Bills. They recently sent a letter to the L&R Committee Chairman, Abel Herrero, conveying their seemingly plausible but inaccurate argument that annexation is necessary to protect Camp Bullis from encroaching development. Opposition Letter from COSA

Rep. Larson is aware of their ploy and has shown the L&R Committee members that Bexar County, COSA and the military are already successfully collaborating on protecting the viability of current and future missions at our military bases.  It is crucial that we email the L&R Committee Members indicating that we fully support our military bases, but that giving us the right to vote on the annexation process is still our constitutional right. Sending emails is super easy.  Simply click here and you can send a letter to each committee member.  You can also choose to print, sign copies and drop in the mail.  You are encouraged to do this daily and ask your neighbors to do the same!  If the legislators hear from us, they will respond!  “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth!”   

Support from Sen. Phil Gramm
Phil Graham, Former U.S. Senator from Texas,1985-2002, is throwing his full support in favor of the House Bills HB299 and HB424 that give homeowners the right to vote for the annexation process.

Time is Running Out!   Let’s Keep Fighting!    We’re Getting Closer!