HAA Newsletter
As of April 29, 2017


We are optimistic but cautious!....we are down to the last several days before this Legislative Session ends for 2017.  We are well on our way to getting the Bills passed that will End Forced Annexation in Texas.  The Senate has already passed their Bill - SB715.  The House of Representatives must now pass their Bill – HB424.  We are concentrating on HB424 because it is the one that got voted out of Committee and is moving forward. It is being closely monitored by Rep. Larson for language that will reflect the needs of the I10W area, without restrictions. (See Larson's Letter here)

NOW is THE time to get on the HAA website and send your message to ALL Texas Legislators.  

Follow these instructions:
  • click on Contact Legislators to finalize anti-annexation legislation
  • enter your address
  • click on Take Action
  • enter the rest of your information; you will see ALL Senators and House Members checked...at the bottom
  • click on Send

If possible, please share this information with friends and families all over Texas.  They could be in the crosshairs someday for being annexed, or, if they live in the city, they could be affected with reduced or weakened city services and higher taxes as a result of an annexation.  Either way, they deserve a right to vote on the matter too.  This is what these Bills will do for all of us!

It cannot be stated more emphatically....SEND OUR TEXAS LEGISLATORS LETTERS NOW!  If they see the magnitude of seriousness from us-- and ALL Texans-- we might just see the ending of forced annexation by Texas cities.