Senator Campbell’s bill SB6 passed the Senate on Wednesday! 

That means it will be on its way to the House Land and Resource committee for a hearing, most likely next week. 

NOW is the time to call and email the House Land and Resource Management committee. You can email a prewritten letter or copy in your own with one-click at 

We also encourage you to have your friends and relatives in other parts of Texas to do the same. We want them to know Texans everywhere are interested. Remember, it is a Texas problem! 

And the final step is to prepare to attend this hearing. We expect it to be next week in Austin at a day and time that is yet to be determined. We will plan to carpool or take a bus from the Walmart in Leon Springs. 

Our Legislators have a strategy to get the Senate Bill through the House with minimal changes and thus reduce the risk of the shenanigans we saw in the regular session. 

We urge everyone to start sending your emails and clearing your calendar for a trip to Austin. Let’s end the tyranny of forced municipal annexation in Texas!