Remember the Texas Senator who filibustered and killed your right to vote? Senator Menendez is holding a town hall on the 85th Legislature. I would encourage everyone to attend and ask him why he filibustered the will of the people. Be prepared for him to say “the Generals said we had to stop this legislation” and you can answer with any of the following: 

• If the City is so keen to protect Camp Bullis. Why did the area on the east side a Camp Bullis get a special deal that delays annexation for 17 years? 

• Why is the densest development around Camp Bullis on the southside of the post ALL within the City? 

• Why now? Camp Bullis has been adjacent to the City for many years and most of the development in the I10 West area has already taken place. 

Here is the information for the event this Saturday: 

Texas Senator Menendez Community Briefing
Saturday, July 8 10-11:30am 
VIA Boardroom 
1021 San Pedro Ave 
San Antonio, TX

Event is also listed on the website & HAA calendar.