Today is a victory for freedom in Texas! I am extremely excited to finally announce that the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act has passed both the Texas House and Texas Senate! The bill is on the way to the Governor's desk and we expect him to sign it in the coming days! We were able to accomplish this with the persistent support from our State Representative Lyle Larson, State Senator Donna Campbell, their staffs' diligent work and especially the ladies behind Homeowners Against Annexation. Barbara Green, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Glenda Haynes, Frances Booker, Linda Leeser, Sarah Stevens and countless others in the community worked tirelessly to end the tyranny of forced annexation! I'd like to give a special thanks to my wife, Gretchen. Without her support at home, my involvement in this struggle for freedom could not be possible. And I appreciate the communities thanks and praise. May god bless Texas! Stay tuned for a celebration and benefit event in the coming days! Sincerely Michael P. Stewart Husband, Father & Neighbor President, Homeowners Against Annexation