We are coming down the home stretch.  November 6 is right around the corner.  “No Annexation” yard signs and banners are all around us reminding us of this very important responsibility….
Vote NO Annexation: OPTION 2

What have we done so far…..

  • The outreach for our NO ANNEXATION message has been amazing with the distribution of signage, presentations at HOA meetings, reminders on social media forums, etc.  Yard signs are no longer available!  That’s a good thing...it means people are spreading the word.

  • Mailers are being sent to key target areas.  “Talking points” are available below as URGENT MESSAGE from HOMEOWNERS AGAINST ANNEXATION for anyone who would like to print it out and take it on block walks, hand out to anyone who may not have a good understanding of why we don’t want to be annexed.

  • Several highly motivated and committed residents of our community have taken the bold step to challenge the City of San Antonio with a lawsuit that seeks to clarify the ballot content or eliminate the ballot altogether. This legal challenge is an expensive endeavor but, if won, will be a big win for “we the people”.  It will also give us an opportunity at the next regular legislative session to try to change the Texas Annexation Reform Act to allow the county to govern us, as is appropriate, rather than the municipality, as is currently stated in the law.

Legal costs for the lawsuit are in the $25,000 range.  If you feel strongly about your right to fair and accurate voting and would like to contribute to the lawsuit, you can contribute by sending a check payable to: Leeser Law (please indicate on check memo “Annexation”) directly to:

Leeser Law
9800 Lorene Lane
San Antonio, TX 78216

What more can we do:

  • Talk to your neighbors at every opportunity.  Let them know about the Annexation proposal and the reasons why we must Vote NO! (Talking points below)

  • Vote….Vote…..Vote!

  • When you vote, be sure to receive a ballot with the Annexation Proposal.  If the ballot does not contain the Annexation Proposal, advise the poll worker that you live in the area targeted for annexation and have the right to vote on the Annexation Proposal.

  • Early voting starts Oct 22 and ends Nov 2 at any Early Voting Precinct.

  • Vote by Mail Ballot:  Requires two (2) Forever stamps and must be at Bexar County Elections Administration by 7:00 pm on November 6.

  • Anyone whose voter registration address is in the annexation area should be allowed to vote on the Annexation Proposal.

  • Donations are the fuel that powers our grassroots efforts to continue the fight against annexation.  https://www.homeownersagainstannexation.com/p/donate.html

Important Links:

************* Feel Free to Copy and Print the Following Talking Points **************



Q:  The City of San Antonio wants to annex the area in which I live.  Do I want to be annexed?

A:   There are many reasons why you should NOT want to be annexed.  The 3 biggest reasons are:
  • The property taxes you pay on your home could increase by approximately 23%.
    • Ex: Current property taxes of $7,000/yr would increase to approximately $8,610/yr.
    • If you are a renter, those increased property taxes could likely be passed on to you as increased rent.

  • If annexed, you, as a San Antonio resident, would share in their massive debt, which could mean higher taxes in the future.

  • If annexed, San Antonio will enforce many more ordinances and regulations beyond those of protecting the military bases.  If you are NOT annexed, only those regulations outlined in the Joint Land Use Study will be enforced (lighting and land use, such as new development and new building).
Q:  What can I do to NOT be annexed by San Antonio?

A:  In order to NOT be annexed……
  • Vote!...This November 6th election, there will be an Annexation Proposal on the ballot which will require you to vote on whether or not you want to be annexed by San Antonio.  Remember, if you do NOT want to risk having higher property taxes, higher rents and enforcement of many more city ordinances, then VOTE NO ANNEXATION; OPTION 2

  • Take advantage of early voting.  Early voting dates start Oct. 22 and end Nov 2 and can be done at any early voting precinct.

  • Get more information at:  www.HomeownersAgainstAnnexation.com

A vote for OPTION 2 means you do NOT want to be annexed.
See you at the voting booth!

Michael "Mike" P. Stewart
President, Homeowners Against Annexation