It pains me to see money go to fight something that is clearly illegal.  I would rather help those in need.  Unfortunately, the City of San Antonio has misled voters in clear violation of Title 5, Chapter 52 (52.072 & 52.073) of the Texas Elections Code.

Early voting has started but we don't want annexation: to pay 23% more in taxes or change our emergency services.  Even with Option 2 (No Annexation with land use controls as stated in the Joint Land Use Study) we have issues with the language giving the City of San Antonio the authority to impose charges without knowing just what or how much they would be.  Therefore, we have taken the bold step to challenge the City on the ballot language.  We have filed an emergency writ of mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court (18-1007).  The goal is to have the ballot language changed to be in compliance with state election law and to clarify what authority this vote provides the City.

We need to pay for these legal fees and could use any donation you could make.  How about a contribution of $25?   What about $100?  Or contribute one year of tax savings from not being annexed.  Remember that is a 23% increase in your property tax.

Whatever you can support is appreciated.  A handful of residents stepped up to file suit to get this ball rolling and we need to do all we can to stand up for our rights.

Donate here  and simply mark 'for litigation' in the comments field.

Michael "Mike" P. Stewart
President, Homeowners Against Annexation