Homeowners Against Annexation Newsletter
February 3, 2017

The City of San Antonio (COSA) voted on September 8, 2016 to begin a 3 year full purpose annexation process of our unincorporated area of Bexar County (I10W) into the San Antonio City limits, despite a very passionate opposition by thousands of homeowners. After this action was taken, many rose up in protest and thus, organized the Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA). HAA has been busy organizing a unified fight against annexation. The strategy for that fight is as follows:

  1. Work to reform the State Law to give us the right to vote on annexation.
  2. Active Engagement and Diligent Oversight with the City.
  3. Litigation – in the event the State Legislation fails, we have several avenues to pursue in court.
  4. Disannexation – if the City is not able to provide the required services according to their service plan, State Law prescribes a process for the affected area to be disannexed.

The first order of business will be to mobilize efforts in support of Texas House (HB299) and Senate (SB715) Bills that have been introduced in the Texas State Legislature., 85th session, 2017. The Bills will allow property owners the right to vote for or against annexation. There has been constant communication with Rep. Lyle Larson, Senator Donna Campbell and others to ensure that their Bills are accurate and will get through the legislative process. All efforts at this time should concentrate on getting these Bills passed with everyone's assistance.

Please contact homeownersagainstannexation@gmail.com if you would like to take on the role of Neighborhood Captain who can help mobilize your neighbors by giving them the information they need to help with the fight. Anyone with a willingness to help is encouraged to join in. Also, please consider helping if you have public relations, litigation and/or lobbying skills.

The HAA website is now available with pertinent information The website includes FAQs, links to the State Bills, calendar of events (events TBD), a Donate button as well as sample protest letters and the appropriate State contacts to whom you can send your letters. You can also subscribe for updates. To make an immediate impact, start sending your Representatives and Senators protest letters and call them often. Donations will be used for trips to Austin for committee hearings on pending legislation, future rallies, website maintenance and other expenses related to the fight against annexation. Remember....We're all in this together!

Get the Facts and Get Involved.  Go to www.HomeownersAgainstAnnexation.com to subscribe for updates.

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart

President, Homeowners Against Annexation