No matter what side of politics you're on, there is reason to be hopeful for our annexation cause. Conservative messages are in vogue and activism is high. In recent years, two states have voted to end the long-standing reign of terror of forced annexation.... North Carolina in 2012 ( and Tennessee in 2014 ( Will Texas be next in 2017?

 On a trip to Austin yesterday we spoke with several Land and Resource Mgmt committee members who showed much interest in the House and Senate Bills being introduced that allow property owners to vote. All the committee members/staff urged all Texas citizens to write to their representatives in support of these bills. They are listening. If we can help get these Bills passed, our annexation worries will [most certainly] be over. Let's continue to fight until that happens.

Join the Rally on March 4 and let's show Texas we are serious!!! We are Strength in Numbers!