Friends and Neighbors,

Neighborhood Captains from the I10W area subdivisions are busy at work in their respective neighborhoods providing information and generating interest in fighting annexation.  House Bill 299 and Senate Bill 715 have been introduced and it is time to engage our State Representatives and the Committee members in Austin to express our profound desire for passing those Bills.

A “Fight Annexation” Rally will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017; 2:00-5:00 at Leon Springs Baptist Church, 24133 Boerne Stage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255.  Please come and listen to legislators who have very optimistic and supportive things to say about the Bills in legislation.  The Rally will provide the “letters to your representatives”...pick a sample letter, sign it, stuff it in an envelope and HAA will mail it.

James Quintero from Texas Public Policy Foundation  and James Booker from Americans for Prosperity are independent organizations that are providing great support for our efforts to fight annexation.  They agree that there is significant momentum for this “right to vote” legislation and that legislators must receive letters from ALL homeowners expressing their opposition to annexation and demanding the right to vote on the issue of annexation.  

The HAA will be requesting your help in the following areas:
  • Transportation - help plan and arrange trip to Austin during committee hearings
  • Phone Bank - phone method of reaching out to residents and patching them to a legislator's office for expressing their opinions.
  • Diligent Oversight - in the event the Bills do not pass, helping with the needed research of facts to make our case with COSA for the next step.

If you are lacking for information about these issues, please contact and someone will respond to help you get involved or go to

Thanks and hope to see you all at the Rally,

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart

President, Homeowners Against Annexation