Sunday, May 21 was a milestone for all Texans!  The second reading of SB715, also known as the Texas Annexation Reform Act, was passed by the House Members with 104 yeas and 34 nays. Monday, May 22, SB715 was affirmed in the third reading with a vote of 110 to 35 and with a few amendments.  SB715 will go back to the Senate where the Bill authors can concur with the House language or choose not to concur and go to Conference.  If they go to Conference, then they could potentially strip away any language added in the House.  The Bill, as reconciled, would then need to be voted on by both the House and Senate.  However, this is mostly a formality since it passed with an overwhelming margin.

At this time we will stand by and let our legislators execute the task at hand.  Senator Campbell and Representative Larson are aware of the opposition from San Antonio and will protect our right to vote at all cost. We may need to have a final push to ensure the Governor does not veto the Bill, even though it is expected to become law.  Please stay tuned for more information.

There were several amendments made to the bill during the debate and we still need to review the details to make sure there is nothing that would exclude us but we are confident that we can live with these amendments and look forward to the final language.

Thanks to all who participated in the efforts to end forced annexation in Texas.  Whether you donated money, wrote emails, wrote letters, made phone calls, knocked on doors, did research, networked, went to a rally, went to Austin....please know that it all helped get us to this point.  We are so close.  Let's keep fighting until we get to the finish line!   

While my tone is cautiously optimistic, please consider this a huge victory for our efforts!

Please watch for updates as the bill moves through the final stages of the process into becoming the law of Texas!

Don't forget to thank Senator Campbell, Representatives Huberty and Larson and especially their staff!

Let's keep up the fight!

Thanks again!

Mike Stewart
President, Homeowners' Against Annexation