HB424 was on the calendar to be debated in the House this week but it did not come up before the self-imposed deadline by the House of Thursday midnight.  The bill essentially died.  

However, hope is not lost because we have SB715 that was voted out of the House committee this week and is poised to get scheduled for debate.  Historically Senate bills are viewed favorably by the House so we do not expect the stalling (that a few House members did this week) to be at the same level.

We are working with Representative Larson and Senator Campbell to organize any action they need from us to get SB715 voted into law.  At this time, we are optimistic and no action is required.  

If you wish to do something, you can call any and all House representatives and encourage them to support SB715 AND encourage your fellow Texans to contact their Representative to support SB715.  

Senator Campbell, Representative Larson and Representative Huberty are our champions and they need no further encouragement!


Mike Stewart
President, Homeowners' Against Annexation