Both our Texas State Senator Donna Campbell and our Texas State Representative Lyle Larson have been actively working to support us in our fight against annexation.  Brief updates from their offices are below:

Senator Donna Campbell

Senator Campbell sent a request to Attorney General Ken Paxton for a legal opinion regarding the City of San Antonio's upcoming ballot initiative on annexation, specifically asking whether or not the imposition of fees and fines and/or the proposed ballot language are in accordance with guidelines set by the Texas Supreme Court.  The official press release and letter to the Attorney General are shown below.

Representative Lyle Larson

Representative Lyle Larson held several discussions and meetings with officials from the City of San Antonio to address issues with the City's ballot language.  He and his office continue to monitor the process very closely and have put together some informative slides showing the targeted area of annexation as well as the list of land use controls possible under the military buffer regulation.