By now you have likely received your letter from the City of San Antonio.  The City assured me they have gone out of their way to make it clear.   Now they wonder why nobody trusts them…it is anything but clear.

There is ongoing communication with Homeowners Against Annexation (HAA), the COSA and JBSA and other key players on changing the Ballot language.  We have a meeting next week with JBSA to understand their needs as the JLUS is not specific to what land use controls would be implemented.  We will report those findings late next week.

In the meantime, plan to vote Option 2 NO ANNEXATION.  This is the only option that avoids annexation into the City with a 23% tax increase.

A quick refresher…In order to get the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act to pass, Sec 43.0117 had to be included. This is commonly called the 5 mile military buffer.  Had this language not been included, the big City opposition to Annexation reform would have filibustered (as they did in the regular session) and killed the bill and thus we would be 1 year into a 3 year process that absolutely would have resulted in Annexation. We are looking at the language and what the City can do along with what JBSA wants/needs. I will report our findings later this month. Regardless, we will need money for outreach. Donate at

Make sure you are registered to vote and vote for Option 2 on November 6th.  Tell your neighbors and help them get to the polls!

We worked hard to pass the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act.  Now we have to get out and vote NO ANNEXATION!  What should you do today?

We will need donations for flyers, signs, t-shirts and mailers.  There will also be lots of opportunities for block walkers.

Signs will be available in the next couple weeks!

Make sure your neighbors know to vote NO ANNEXATION.  If you have friends and family in the proposed annexation area, make sure they get signed up at for updates.

The efforts of Homeowners Against Annexation, the community and YOU are the key to stopping annexation!

Sign up for updates at

Click here to donate so we can challenge the $250,000 the City of San Antonio will spend on this election!

Michael “Mike” P. Stewart
President, Homeowners Against Annexation